A sad note for all of us.   Janice (Yeager) Ramsey passed away on Monday December 18th 2017.



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50th, Recognize Anyone? >

Faces L to R Front Floor:
Carolyn (Hodson) Crispin, Jerri (Freeman) Day, Marilyn (Miller) King, *Beatrice (Crouse) Epperson, Janice (Yeager) Ramsey, Ervin Gulley
Center Standing: Don King, Eleanor (Brown) Sloat, Verne Williamson, Natalia (Applegate) Wilkins, *Dortha (Wesner) Meredith, John Meyer, Gene Stuckey
Third Row: Jack Cain, Sara (Pike) Morris, Waneta (Randall) Dunkerly, Georgeanne Owens
Far Back: Jim Ogle, Charlie Wise, George Owens, Don Horton, Steve Foster, Larry Place, Richard Dawson
Attended dinner but not in picture: Donald  Kay Smith

* In our class but did not graduate from Carmel

Welcome Classmates and friends of the class of '55's website.

Fall 2017 Get-together on SEP 16Tth Saturday Night  at  Waneta's  Home in Carmel - Food was provided.

Photos from Waneta


2010 55th Anniversary Class of '55 REUNION Photos

Waneta sent me these photos to post. Pictures are outside and inside of the MCL Cafeteria
at Keystone and Carmel Drive. Photos were also taken at Wauneta's Home afterwards ...

Back row left to right: 
Gene Stuckey, Natalia Wilkins, Don King,  Jerri Day, Janice Ramsey,
Steve Foster, Waneta Dunkerly, Ervin Gulley, Don Smith,  John Meyer and Jim Ogle.  Front row: 
Marilyn King, Georgeann Owens,  Eleanor Sloat. 

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For our 50th anniversary reunion we met in Carmel the weekend of June 10th and 11th 2005. Members came from California (Sara) and Oregon (Beatrice) on the West coast to Massachusetts (Carolyn) in the east.

Friday night, after dinner at Hollyhock Hills on College Avenue, we went to  Don &  Marilyn's home on 146th street. Saturday all but  D. K. smith & S. Foster went to a joint Alumni meeting where the class of 55 was honored on our 50th anniversary. On Sunday fourteen remaining class members went over to Don and Marilyn's and ate the rest of the food from Friday's post dinner gathering, so no one went hungry that weekend.

Below is one of many photos being added to this site. This is how we look now, so if you weren't there - go and look in the mirror before you laugh!

(Click ANY picture on this site to enlarge, even the & letter, they are on my 50+ year old class sweater)

Click photo to enlarge group picture to see wrinkles

The committee members For this 50th anniversary.
The committee did an outstanding job. Thanks to Waneta Dunkerly, Marilyn & Don King, Jim Ogle, Natalia Wilkins, Janice Ramsey, & Jerri Day.  Marilyn & Waneta  did the books with the bios of each Member and lots of great stuff. If you did not get your copy contact Waneta or Marilyn.
 Great Job and our thanks to all of you

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for the Carmel High School Class of 1955 on the occasion of their 50th annivers